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MEC Assembly Solutions is an ISO 9001 and 14001 manufacturer of custom and standard cable assemblies.

With MEC Assembly Solutions as your manufacturing partner, you can rely on stability,

quality manufacturing processes and the service you need to help you achieve your goals.


Reduced inventory investment | Lower inventory risk | Just in time scheduling | Reduced space and labor




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MEC Electronics Philippines Corp.


Production Started 1990
Space : 10,000 sqm
Employee : 900
Products :
      AC/DC Power cords

      Audio/Video cables

      PC/Note-Book Cables

      Wire Harnesses



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MEC Homepride Technology Inc..


  Production Started 1998
  Space : 4,500 sqm
  Employee : 1000
  Products : 
      AC/DC Power Cords
      Computer Cables
      PDA Cables
      Audio/Video Cables



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Mec Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


  Production Started 2002 
  Space : 12,500 sqm
  Employee : 3,500
  Products : 
      Notebook Cables 
      Audio/Video Cables 
      Wire harnesses 
      LCD Cables




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Suzhou HanTeng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


  Production Started 2007 
  Space : 6,000 sqm
  Employee : 1500 
  Products : 
      Micro Coaxial cables
      Standard Wire Harness
      Mini Gauge Wire Harness



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